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Change the linker of AC_PROG_CC

From: Barnabé Chauvin
Subject: Change the linker of AC_PROG_CC
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 14:45:24 +0200


I am new with the auto-tool, and I am trying to make my first configure
This configure script will only cross-compile some sources for a fixed
device target (which has an ARM processor).
The toolchain for this device is a bit "exotic" : the compiler and the
linker are two different executables (i.e. : the compiler cannot link
several objects).

I can detect the compiler using the AC_PROG_CC macro, but it failed when
checking for "whether the C compiler works". When I look at the generated
script, I can see that link command is defined in the ac_link variable (and
it is using the C compiler as linker, which cannot works in my case).

Thus, my question is : Is there a way to change this ac_link variable for
the AC_PROG_CC macro ?

I also looked deeper in the autoconf macros and i noticed that this
variable (ac_link) is defined in the c.m4 file. Maybe (this is probably a
bad solution) it would be possible to override some built-in macros ? (And
don't know how to do that, if it is possible)

Chauvin Barnabé.

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