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Re: A Closer Look at GNU AutoTools

Subject: Re: A Closer Look at GNU AutoTools
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 13:57:13 +0100
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On 09/12/2014 05:43 PM, John Calcote wrote:

I honestly don't get why you have a problem with this attitude in open
source software.

This is not an open source software problem. It's your attitude problem, that is being reflected in single open source software project. There is nothing in the source code that forces people to lash at anyone who points a problem in a manual. You decide to lash at others on your own. Take responsibility for your own personal actions.

It's not a bad attitude - it's a natural attitude.

It's a terrible attitude, and it's not natural. Even if it comes out naturally to you, it is not natural. Plus, it does not help the project in any way, and actually only harms it.

> You're
trying to treat the Autotools as if a paid team of developers

Your accusation is absolutely absurd. No one is expecting that a bunch of people contributing their free time for something that essentially is a hobby are here to take orders or to do something users are told to. No one is giving out orders or demanding anything. The only thing that's been pointed out is that the manual has problems.

That's it.

Then, after you've reacted in a completely unhelpful and anti-social way and in the process made your attitude problem also a autoconf problem, the problems caused by your attitude were also flagged.

As this is supposed to be a FLOSS project that's open to any contribution, the only difference between the "developers" you've referred to and others like me is whether someone is currently working on a contribution to submit to it. And here you are, lashing out at anyone based on you fake notion of who is and who isn't a developer.

Your attitude problem becomes even more pathetic when you start to talk about wishing others contributed to. You, and people who act like you, drive away any potential contributor.

> is working on
it. If that were the case, you'd be paying money for the product.

And you'd be paying all users to test the thing.

So, should I start to get all sanctimonious on you based on all this debt you amassed and all this magic money you supposedly owe?

Get off your high horse and cut out that bullshit.

<snip bullshit/>

Open source is different

I repeat: the license the software ships with is not responsible for the way you choose to interact with others. That's **your choice** and your choice alone.

I manage a couple of FLOSS projects. They are nothing big. Nevertheless, whenever a user contacts me I do listen to them **AND** once the issue is taken care of I ask their overall opinion on the projects and on suggestions to improve them. I don't lash out at them like you did. That's not a open source software thing. That's a jerk thing. It's something a jerk does because he believes the world owes them something. Nothing in the project forces them to act that way. There's nothing in software development that forces anyone to act that way. Someone acts that way because he wants to act that way, and has no intention in interacting with others with any trace of respect and common courtesy.

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