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Re: Cross-compiling with Autoconf

From: Dustin Laurence
Subject: Re: Cross-compiling with Autoconf
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2015 16:37:42 -0800
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This may be premature to post, but I wanted to report that I did make it
past the crt0.o problem that had me tearing my hair out.

On 11/02/2015 12:42 PM, Gavin Smith wrote:

> But I should add that using CFLAGS is more usual: 

On 11/02/2015 02:28 PM, Nick Bowler wrote:

> According to the GNU coding standards, CFLAGS is *supposed* to be
> reserved for the user (i.e., you) to set, and passed unadulterated
> to *every* invocation of $CC.  Package authors sometimes botch it
> up

Taking these comments as clues that I may need to feed other build
variables to configure as well, and knowing that _start is in libc, I
looked at what would control the link and finally find the answer to
that problem:


does the trick.  That's progress.

This gets the configure script through to this error:

checking for /opt/nfast/gcc/bin/strongarm-codesafe-elf-gcc option to
accept ISO C89... (cached) unsupported
configure: error: c89 compiler support required

Which is odd because I can call the compiler in my makefile with
-std=c89 and it doesn't complain about the flag.  Nor should it be
necessary, since c89 is the default.

The config.log is below.  This appears to be where it fails in

if test x"$ac_cv_prog_cc_c89" = x"no"; then
  AC_MSG_ERROR([c89 compiler support required])

I guess AC_PROG_CC_C89 is a standard macro, so I find it hard to believe
that it would fail on GCC, so that suggests the problem is still in my
configure invocation, which would surprise no one.  I haven't tried to
set CFLAGS yet since it's still failing in the tests of the compiler itself.




./configure \
                --build=`./build-aux/config.guess` \
                --host strongarm-codesafe-elf \
                CC="/opt/nfast/gcc/bin/strongarm-codesafe-elf-gcc" \
                AR="/opt/nfast/gcc/bin/strongarm-codesafe-elf-ar" \
                RANLIB="/opt/nfast/gcc/bin/strongarm-codesafe-elf-ranlib" \
                AS="/opt/nfast/gcc/bin/strongarm-codesafe-elf-as" \
                LD="/opt/nfast/gcc/bin/strongarm-codesafe-elf-ld" \
                NM="/opt/nfast/gcc/bin/strongarm-codesafe-elf-nm" \
                STRIP="/opt/nfast/gcc/bin/strongarm-codesafe-elf-strip" \


I'm attaching it since it's getting so long--hope that doesn't bother

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