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Convey C++ STL library for Android?

From: Jeffrey Walton
Subject: Convey C++ STL library for Android?
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 20:06:59 -0400

Hi Everyone,

We caught a bug report for a bad header check. Our project is a C++
library, and the report is at The project is not
Autools-based, but we try to support endeavors like this.

The issue appears to be Android lacks a default STL library, so its
not sufficient to perform 'AC_CHECK_HEADERS(cryptopp/cryptlib.h)'.
Instead, Autotools needs to know which STL library to use, and then it
needs to use the selected STL library in its check. As far as I know,
that means select either (header paths, libs):

   * <android ndk ...>/cxx-stl/gnu-libstdc++/4.9/include
   * <android ndk
...>/cxx-stl/gnu-libstdc++/4.9/libs/armeabi-v7a/include (for bitops.h,

 * STLport
   * <android ndk ...>/cxx-stl/stlport/stlport/

My question is, how should an STL library be specified for Android
when using Autotools?


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