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Re: Release Autoconf 2.70

From: Julien ÉLIE
Subject: Re: Release Autoconf 2.70
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 22:15:20 +0200
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Hi Erik,

How much time it takes to make a release? For the outsider there's
not many obviously needed steps that take a lot of time. Does making a
RC take as much time as full release, or could we have RC for testing
both autoconf and the build systems of projects that use it?

The biggest time sink is digging through the mail archives to ensure
that all posted patches that are still relevant have been applied; I
know that there is a big body of work for detecting compiler warnings
that needs to be reviewed and incorporated.

As far as I understand, there already are useful changes that have been committed to Autoconf source repository since its latest release. So why not just release Autoconf 2.70 as-is? And then keep uncommitted patches for another future release?

I would personally be interested in a release of Autoconf 2.70 with updated config.sub and config.guess helper scripts. As a matter of fact, there are recent systems where I cannot configure Autoconf because of obsolete config.{sub,guess}; I then need to manually update them before configuring Autoconf.

Julien ÉLIE

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