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Compile-Run Cycle

From: Anarchean
Subject: Compile-Run Cycle
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2016 00:30:42 -0300


  I'm new to autotools and currently I'm using C++ with autotools
and vim. I was wondering how you usually run the programs.
My current workflow is the following:

My folder structure:

| project_home
| -
| -
| - configure
| - build/
| - sandbox/
| - src/
  | -
  | - source1.c++
  | - source2.c++

  I use two terminals, one is running vim from inside the
src dir. The other one has a variable PREFIX=$project_root/sandbox,
and I use it to compile and run the program, which is usually the
follow command sequence:

Once in a while:
% ./configure --prefix="$PREFIX"

And then every modification:
% make
% make install
% "$PREFIX/bin/project_name"

  Is there any way to automate this? How people usually do it?

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