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Re: "Packing" binary data into object files using autotools

From: Thomas Nyberg
Subject: Re: "Packing" binary data into object files using autotools
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2017 15:31:28 +0200
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I just wanted to simplify my previous question. Say I'm starting with
this file:


    library_la_SOURCES = \
        ... [A bunch of files...]

Where that `src/resources/code_archive.S` file is the assembly file from
my previous email. This works correctly, _if_ the file `code.tar` is
found in the current directory. In other words, what I would like is for
the the following rule to be executed prior to the compilation of

        tar c --exclude='*.o' code/ > code.tar

How do I add that as a pre-compilation "hook" for the
`src/resources/code_archive.S` file? (Also though not as important is it
possible to have the post-compilation hook removing it as well?)

Thanks again for any help.


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