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Re: How to change the shebang in 'configure' to require Bash

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: How to change the shebang in 'configure' to require Bash
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 08:57:42 -0500
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On 03/18/2018 10:39 AM, R. Diez wrote:
I realise that this decision goes against Autoconf's portability principle. But even as a humble user, I am entitled to some freedom of choice. 8-)

I could write some code in to detect the current shell. But is there any way to tell Autoconf to output a Bash shebang in the generated 'configure' script, instead of the standard "#! /bin/sh".

Not any easy way that I know of, precisely because it goes against autoconf's portability. If you're going to write in plain bash rather than a portable shell script, then do you need the additional layer of autoconf in the first place?

I read about variable CONFIG_SHELL, but that looks like it's meant for the user. Or can I set that variable inside

If you want to muck in the internals of autoconf, lib/m4sugar/m4sh.m4 emits the shebang lines during AS_INIT_GENERATED (for subsidiary scripts produced by the primary, such as config.status), and during AS_INIT (for the primary script, such as configure). Those macros are not set up to easily hook in a replacement, so you'd have to rewrite your m4 library to redefine those macros the way you want. If you think that other people would commonly want to hook in a different default shell than /bin/sh, you're welcome to turn it into a formal patch against autoconf instead of something you just override locally, but I'm not yet convinced that it is common to throw away portability.

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