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Re: [autoconf archive] syntax error in ax_lib_postgresql.m4 script.

From: Jules Lamur
Subject: Re: [autoconf archive] syntax error in ax_lib_postgresql.m4 script.
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 23:36:05 +0100
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Thank you for this quick answer !
Including the file solved the problem, it was indeed an undefined macro.

By the way, sorry to be on the wrong mailing list, but unless I
misunderstand the following autoconf-archive mailing lists topics, none
on them is suitable for my question :

* autoconf-archive-announce (Receive announcments of new releases.)
* autoconf-archive-commits (E-mail notifications for the Autoconf
Archive git repository.)
* autoconf-archive-maintainers (Autoconf Archive Shop Talk)


Anyway, thank you for your help and improvement recommandations.

Jules Lamur.

Le 22/03/2018 à 23:15, Eric Blake a écrit :
> On 03/22/2018 04:51 PM, Jules Lamur wrote:
>> Hello !
>> I encounter a syntax error while executing the AX_LIB_POSTGRESQL macro:
>> ./configure: line 16962: syntax error near unexpected token
>> `$POSTGRESQL_VERSION,ge,$postgresql_version_req,'
>> ./configure: line 16962: `
>> AX_COMPARE_VERSION($POSTGRESQL_VERSION,ge,$postgresql_version_req,
> You reached the autoconf list, not the autoconf-archive list; but the
> AX_COMPARE_VERSION macro belongs to autoconf-archive.
> At first glance, it looks like your attempted to call the
> AX_COMPARE_VERSION macro, but that you failed to provide any .m4 macro
> in any of the include directories searched by autoconf to actually
> expand that macro, so autoconf just blindly output the text from your
> into the shell script instead of expanding it as desired.
> Usually, you should either copy the .m4 file containing the definition
> of AX_COMPARE_VERSION into your project, or else set up a -I
> /path/to/library where autoconf-archive macros reside, as part of your
> autoconf invocation processing your file.
> Furthermore, you probably want to add:
> m4_pattern_forbid([AX_])
> to your, so autoconf can flag up front that it failed to
> expand the AX_COMPARE_VERSION macro as expected, rather than getting a
> cryptic shell error later on during the execution of ./configure about
> the syntax error at the point in the generated configure where the
> attempted macro was not expanded.
>> I use this exact version of the script (which is the latest):
>> Unfortunately, I don't have enough knowledge about autoconf to debug the
>> issue, could someone help me to fix it?
> It's probably a question to the autoconf-archive list on their
> recommended practices for how to best install their .m4 files for use
> in your file.

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