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Re: automatically showing test-suite.log on failure?

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: automatically showing test-suite.log on failure?
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2018 12:49:02 -0500
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[adding autoconf, as this also affects testsuite.log generated by projects using autotest instead of automake's built-in support]

On 9/21/18 12:37 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:
Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
Karl Berry wrote:
However, this seems like it would be fairly commonly useful and easy
enough to do in the canonical test-driver script. So, any chance of
adding it as a standard feature? Any reasonable way of enabling it would
be fine, e.g., a flag that can be added to [AM_]LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS.

Take care since some test logs could be megabytes in size.

I want to put a point in that often users try to be helpful and email
that multi-megabyte log file as an email attachment to bug reporting
mailing lists that sometimes have a lot of subscribers.  This is very
painful on the network bandwidth usage.  And also every downstream
subscriber, perhaps on a metered cell modem data plan, pays the cost
of receiving it whether they can help with it or not.

If there is some way, clever or not, to encourange the user to
compress that log file before attaching it that would save a lot of
downstream pain.  When compressed that log file is a small fraction of
the original size and rarely a problem.

Just mentioning it to keep it in the brain cache when thinking about
improvements here.  :-)

Indeed - I almost wonder if it would be worth patching the sequences that generate testsuite.log to automatically generate a compressed version in parallel, and in the output when a test fails, mention that the user may inspect testsuite.log but should email the compressed testsuite.log.XYZ to the developer. Determining the best compression program to recommend is interesting - if the user is testing a package that shipped only as foo.tar.xz, then testsuite.log.xz makes the most sense to generate; but if foo ships both foo.tar.gz and foo.tar.xz, it is not obvious which form the user uncompressed and would require a configure or runtime probe for which compression engine to attempt.

If nothing else, autoconf should be patched where it states:

  if $at_debug_p; then
    at_msg='per-test log files'
  AS_ECHO(["Please send $at_msg and all information you think might help:

in lib/autotest/general.m4, to mention the recommendation for compression.

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