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Re: Re-exec of $as_myself chooses wrong configure script from PATH

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Re-exec of $as_myself chooses wrong configure script from PATH
Date: Thu, 30 May 2019 08:39:14 -0500
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On 5/30/19 7:33 AM, Michael Orlitzky wrote:
> In the configure scripts that I'm generating, I see the following
> variable assignment:
>   # Find who we are.  Look in the path if we contain no directory
>   # separator.
>   as_myself=...
> Later, this may be used to re-exec the configure script with a better shell,
>   exec $CONFIG_SHELL $as_opts "$as_myself" ${1+"$@"}
> But, consider the following scenario:
>   * I have some other "configure" in my $PATH.
>   * I have a shell that doesn't support LINENO.
>   * I execute ./configure for some package by running "sh configure".

Executing 'sh configure' should execute whatever 'configure' is first on
your PATH, which is not ./configure unless '.' is early in your PATH.
Are you sure ./configure is even in the loop here to even get a chance
to compute $as_myself for a potential re-exec?

Does running 'sh ./configure' fix things for you?

> What happens in that case is that the "as_myself" computation fails to
> find a directory separator in "configure", and instead searches my path
> for a usable "configure". It finds one, but not the one I wanted to run!
> Now I have
>   as_myself=/path/to/some/other/configure/script
> and then since my shell doesn't support LINENO, I wind up running
>   $CONFIG_SHELL ... /path/to/some/other/configure/script
> In other words, I re-exec the wrong script entirely. This can be worked
> around by running "sh ./configure" instead of "sh configure", but leads
> to a great deal of head-scratching.
> Is this something that can (should?) be fixed?

I'm not convinced that you have fully described your setup in a way that
I can reproduce, yet.

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