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Re: target name prefix *.o

From: Sébastien Hinderer
Subject: Re: target name prefix *.o
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2020 18:01:37 +0100


Vincent Blondel (2020/02/01 17:10 +0100):
> Hello,
> Encounter a strange behaviour with autoconf.
> I do not understand why all the compiled *.o files are prefixed with
> target-xxx.o.
> Below an example ... have no progname yet for my executable hence let's
> call it main for now ...
> bin_PROGRAMS = main
> main_SOURCES =
> Executable is OK but have no clue why I have something like this at the end
> ? ...
> src/main-obj1.o
> src/main-obj2.o

That's just a guess but to me this makes a lot of sense. It may happen
that your source files have to be compiled several times, e.g. with
different compiler options, in order to produce different targets. My
intuition is that it is to avoid collisions between potential multiple
compilations of the same source file that automake is generating such a



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