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Multiple arguments to CONFIG_SITE

From: Ross Burton
Subject: Multiple arguments to CONFIG_SITE
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 17:11:21 +0000
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One of the patches we do carry that I'd like to see upstreamed is the support for multiple files in CONFIG_SITE. Now I'm not just sending the patch we have as it's pretty horrible:

The use-case is that we have a collection of files: one for "all builds", one for "all Linux targets", one for "x86-64 targets", and so on:

(those have grown organically over many years so need a massive review, but that's the model)

However CONFIG_SITE only takes a single filename, so we patch autoconf to treat CONFIG_SITE as a list of absolute filenames instead.

I'd like to see this functionality upstreamed but I'd like to discuss how CONFIG_SITE is parsed first. Should it just be treated as a space-separated list? Any better suggestions?

Also note that there's potentially very bad interaction: if someone has done as the manual suggests and dropped a /usr/share/ in then that will be read when doing --prefix=/usr, *even in cross-compile situations* where /usr is a target prefix and not valid on the host. Then again this isn't exactly the first time autoconf has this problem.


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