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M4 stock macros

From: DUDZIAK Krzysztof
Subject: M4 stock macros
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 17:25:33 +0000


I aim to gain bit more high-level overview regarding stock M4 macros provider 
and consumer parties.
It is about autotools stock M4 macros.

Used terms:
to consume = to expand
to provide = to install from particular autotool package

Is understanding right in all points below?
These properties have accumulative effect, add to each other.
Autotools suite supportive tools, e.g. autom4te, are not in focus here.
* autoconf as major M4 macros provider installs those to developer machine for 
use in projects developed on same machine, macro name AC_ prefix
* autoconf is also major consumer of M4 macros - autoconf time
* autoconf consumes macros installed by itself
* automake package comes with a set of own macros, these are installed also to 
developer machine
for same high-level purpose as macros provided by autoconf, , macro name AM_ 
* automake calls autoconf at automake time to consume macros placed to
* automake consumes macros installed by itself, automake manual, ch. 6.2
* there are macros provided by autoconf yet consumed at automake time, automake 
manual, ch. 6.2
* there are macros provided by automake yet consumed at autoconf time, automake 
manual, ch. 6.4
* there are macros consumed only at autoconf time
* there are macros consumed only at automake time

Also question arises if there are further major properties completing picture 
at shown level.


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