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couple notes about post-2.71 branch management

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: couple notes about post-2.71 branch management
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 14:35:17 -0500

2.71 is out.  I presume that we will get more high-priority bug
reports, and I tentatively plan to make a 2.72 release, also from
branch-2.70, in another two or three months.  This will not be limited
to strict bugfixes; new features that address specific user requests
in a low-risk fashion are also fair game.  Examples of such new
features include new self-contained probe macros (e.g. the
AC_PROG_BISON suggested in bug 110266) and adding the ability to
request that CC+CFLAGS be set up for C1999 rather than C2011
(suggested by postgres devs)

Anyone with commit privileges is encouraged to proceed with whatever
development work you have time for, but on the *trunk only*.  I want
to continue holding a lock on branch-2.70.  If you think a patch is
appropriate for the branch, please commit it to trunk and then send a
message to autoconf-patches about it, cc:ing me and explaining why it
should go on trunk.

Finally, to help us keep the development series on branch and trunk
straight, I tagged the "post-release administrivia" commit on the
trunk as v2.72a and on the branch as v2.72b.  This will make the
output of autoconf --version be obviously different between a build
from the trunk and a build from the branch. Think of them as arbitrary
labels (but m4_version_compare greater than 2.71 and less than 2.72).
I don't plan to do releases with either version number.


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