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AC_CHECK_FUNC vs. function renaming? (curl on tru64/osf1, threads)

From: Jay K
Subject: AC_CHECK_FUNC vs. function renaming? (curl on tru64/osf1, threads)
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2021 08:19:36 +0000

Hi autoconf folks.

I'm trying to build Curl on Tru64 / OSF1.
 I think that will help git be useful there (I have git, but not git clone).

Curl configure has this thing where it looks for a thread library.

It tries to link to pthread_create:

AC_CHECK_FUNC(pthread_create, [USE_THREADS_POSIX=1] )

which ends up like this:

char pthread_create();

int main()
 return pthread_create();

Well, you all know, a little more involved:



The way this "really" works on Tru64/OSF1 though is that pthread.h says:

# pragma extern_prefix "__"

so the linked symbol is __pthread_create and the configuration
check fails to link, despite the library being there.

More generally, headers can #define the functions to be something else,
or static inline them. Right? I can still take the address of such things.
(#define foo foo2, not #define foo(x) foo2(x))

The autoconf mechanism..while carefully dodging many problems through
the still a problem?

My intuition would be more like:
 #include <pthread.h> 
 int main() 
 return (int)pthread_create; 
 but you an maybe find holes in that, and it doesn't address the overall 
problems I think,
 what autoconf is already dealing with, stubs, etc.

 Advise? I mean, I can just hack it locally, but autoconf can/should accomodate 
 generally, somehow?

Thank you,
 - Jay

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