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install autoconf as 'relocatable'

From: Mike Fulton
Subject: install autoconf as 'relocatable'
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2022 21:30:29 -0700


I'd like to create a pax file (tarball) of an autoconf build that people
can download and then
install on to their system in the directory of their choice. I am building
for z/OS (the mainframe),
and developers typically don't have authority to install into a shared
location like /usr/local and instead
have to install into their own private location, e.g. /u/fultonm.
It looks like I can make this work by having the person export a number of
environment variables,
but I was hoping to make it easier than that for them.
Any thoughts on how I can tackle this? I think automake and libtool will
have similar issues.

Thanks, Mike Fulton

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