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Re: On time64 and Large File Support

From: Sam James
Subject: Re: On time64 and Large File Support
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 04:59:23 +0000

> On 12 Nov 2022, at 04:56, Wookey <> wrote:
> On 2022-11-12 04:28 +0000, Sam James wrote:
>>> On 12 Nov 2022, at 04:20, Wookey <> wrote:
>>> Distros need to co-ordinate on this. If there are going to be new
>>> triplets for the 'LFS and 64_bit timet' ABI(s) then we should agree on
>>> them and use them. If distros are happy to migrate to these ABIs
>>> within the existing arm-linux-gnueabihf and i386-linux-gnu (or
>>> i686-linux-gnu) then we should do that.
>>> If half the distros migrate within the existing triplet and the rest use
>>> a new one, that sounds like a recipie for much confusion.
>> 100%. And also on sharing patches and known problems
>> and experience with the migration. All of it!
> OK. It seems that the time is right to have this conversation. So we should 
> agree on a place to do it.
> We have used the linaro cross-distro list in the past as it is
> intended for this sort of cross-cutting discussions. I can't think of
> a better place?
> Some of the right people are probably already there, but we should
> encourage others with relevant expertise to join.

That list is new to me (sub'd now) but I'm fine with using it as long
as linaro are still OK with us using it and them maintaining it.

Thanks for taking the initiative!

If they aren't, we could request a list from
(Linux Foundation).


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