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Re: Possible regressions with trunk autoconf (vs 2.71)

From: Frederic Berat
Subject: Re: Possible regressions with trunk autoconf (vs 2.71)
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2022 18:09:50 +0100

On Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 5:05 PM Arsen Arsenović <> wrote:
> Frederic Berat <> writes:
> > Some progress on this, it looks like, at least for libpng, there is at one
> > place where the "Port AC_LANG_CALL" seems to be the culprit.
> > Specifically, the "," in the C comment, is interpreted by M4 as argument
> > split which in turn leads to the syntax error.
> FWIW, I found this issue also while working on Gentoo, and I think the
> solution is to fix upstreams (and possibly add more commas so that this
> gets detected that much more often ;).  I haven't looked at your exact
> examples (low on time right now), but instances I looked at were always
> underquoting in the (now broken) configure scripts, so I'm not inclined
> to assume this is an autotools regression yet, though I'm unsure whether
> the maintainers would classify it as such.

In principle, I'd say fair enough. Although, would it hurt to increase
quoting within the call itself ?
Honestly, I don't believe my workaround is a good one, I simply removed
the comma in another local version.

> Hopefully this issue is not too frequent for that to become quickly
> unsustainable, but I can't tell yet, I've only managed to send one patch
> on this topic so far.

So far, I've found around 70 packages affected by this in Fedora, I don't
know about Gentoo.

> Have a wonderful evening.
> --
> Arsen Arsenović

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