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[Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, v1.10.2, created. v1

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: [Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, v1.10.2, created. v1.10.2
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 13:13:31 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Automake".;a=commitdiff;h=c3c8b2a6c2856f671210278849b3b70a0c39e71b

The annotated tag, v1.10.2 has been created
        at  c3c8b2a6c2856f671210278849b3b70a0c39e71b (tag)
   tagging  328927feb2077704b464d9fd3ceb58d0eef4441a (commit)
  replaces  Release-1-10-1
 tagged by  Ralf Wildenhues
        on  Sun Nov 23 13:03:21 2008 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.10.2
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Charles Wilson (1):
      Cleanup in case LT_OUTPUT is in use.

Colin Watson (1):
      * lib/am/ (ID): Fix typo in workaround for old awk.

Eric Blake (1):
      AC_AUTOCONF_VERSION can inadvertently expand to a macro name.

Karl Berry (3):
      Improve description of -local and -hook targets.
      * lib/gnupload: Provide also a simple example.
      New gnupload option --delete to remove archive files.

Rafael Espindola (1):
      * don't handle --enable-shared and --enable-static.

Ralf Wildenhues (40):
      *, NEWS: Bump version to 1.10.1a.
      Prefer generated manpages over distributed ones.
      * tests/lisp3.test: Fix typo.
      Split instsh2.test, so that only the new part requires non-root.
      * tests/man3.test: Avoid `make VAR=value'.
      * doc/.gitignore: Ignore files generated by `make ps pdf html'.
      PR automake/498
      Fix XFAIL_TESTS matching for NetBSD ksh.
      Skip instsh3.test if `touch -t' does not work.
      Drop usage of obsolete macros AC_EXEEXT and AC_OBJEXT.
      Pull config.guess and config.sub from upstream git repo now.
      Sync auxiliary files from upstream.
      Fix nits in the manual.
      * lib/texinfo.tex: Sync from upstream.
      Fix grammar error in manual.
      Fix ambivalent wording introduced with last patch.
      git metadata update.
      Fix maintainer-check failure.
      Fix rebuilding of removed subdir/ files.
      * THANKS: Use Cyrillic name instead of ASCII transcription.
      Copyright year updates.
      Avoid Heisenbug with verbose testing on HP-UX.
      * tests/aclibobj.test: Fix race condition.
      Fix some comment typos.
      Print captured output before failing.
      Work around AIX sh quoting issue in AC_PROG_CC_C_O.
      Improve test coverage of current TESTS semantics.
      Fix bootstrap to remove read-only directories right.
      Require texi2dvi in tests, makeinfo may not be enough.
      Fix comment typos.
      Fix 'config.status --file=... depfiles' with new Autoconf.
      * NEWS: Fix typo.
      New maintainer target release-stats.
      Fix typos.
      Update to GFDL 1.3.
      Sync auxiliary files from upstream.
      When installing COPYING, recommend adding the file to VCS.
      Sync auxiliary files from upstream.
      Version 1.10.2.

Reuben Thomas (3):
      Fix minor doc issues in node `CVS'.
      * doc/automake.texi (wildcards): Improve "Why doesn't Automake
      Fix grammaros.

Stepan Kasal (1):
      Fix typos.

Thien-Thi Nguyen (1):
      Small doc fix

William Pursell (5):
      Fix grammar w.r.t. plurals in test reports.
      * tests/ Fix comment typo.
      Fix typos and grammaros in the documentation.
      Quote APIVERSION in
      Fix more typos and grammaros in the manual.


GNU Automake

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