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[Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, v1.11, created. v1.1

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: [Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, v1.11, created. v1.11
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 17:44:23 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Automake".;a=commitdiff;h=44c42af88197c722e028971e711c1bbc4c2c1681

The annotated tag, v1.11 has been created
        at  44c42af88197c722e028971e711c1bbc4c2c1681 (tag)
   tagging  2505a3e3339d3455ed187a5d2ad85730eea0e608 (commit)
  replaces  v1.10b
 tagged by  Ralf Wildenhues
        on  Sun May 17 16:28:15 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.11
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Akim Demaille (2):
      Fix typo in manual.
      parallel-tests: redo check-html, recheck, recheck-html.

Andreas Schwab (1):
      Fix instdir-java.test failure.

Bruno Haible (1):
      Recommend *-local hooks without commands, for extensibility.

Eric Blake (1):
      scripts: normalize all timestamps to UTC

Fabian Alenius (1):
      Fix link to autotools tutorial.

Florian Briegel (1):
      Fix renamed objects with subdir-objects and other languages.

Jim Meyering (3):
      Use more common spelling in diagnostic: s/canonic/canonical/.
      Avoid test failure due to paranoid TAR_OPTIONS envvar setting.
      Fix grammar in comments and documentation.

Jürg Billeter (4):
      Improve Vala support.
      Vala: Fix build when using per-target VALAFLAGS.
      Vala: Add and test rebuild rules for generated header and vapi files.
      Vala: Use $(srcdir) in rebuild rules.

Karl Berry (1):
      manual: improve markup: itemize list in `Extending'.

Mathias Hasselmann (2):
      Initial support for the vala programming language.
      Support Vala in non-recursive builds; more tests and fixes.

Matthias Klose (1):
      Let AM_PATH_PYTHON honor python's idea about the site directory.

Ralf Wildenhues (50):
      Minor fixups for Vala support.
      Post-release version bump.
      Fix testsuite failures due to nonexistent `dirlist' entries.
      More node renaming in the manual.
      parallel-tests: LOG_COMPILER for tests without known extension.
      Remove superfluous line from recheck recheck-html.
      testsuite: generate $(parallel_tests) just when needed.
      testsuite: unset TESTS, TEST_LOGS, to avoid interference.
      Do not remove texinfo outputs upon mostlyclean.
      Document last change in NEWS.
      Fix a couple of $(EXEEXT)-related testsuite failure.
      parallel-tests: Fix driver for nonempty executable extension.
      parallel-tests: `clean recheck' should not rerun all tests.
      parallel-tests: let VERBOSE=yes output appear before summary.
      parallel-tests: more testsuite exposure.
      bin_PROGRAMS = $(EXTRA_PROGRAMS) should work.
      Fix maintainer-check failure.
      manual: Add note about parallelism and tests ordering.
      silent-rules reorganization, --enable-silent-rules switch.
      testsuite: parallel make fixes.
      testsuite: do not fail on systems without read permissions.
      Merge branch 'next' (early part) into mh-vala-support
      More minor fixups to vala support.
      Merge branch 'mh-vala-support' into next
      Merge branch 'next'
      Correctly treat all assignments with bogus trailing comments.
      Fix AM_PROG_VALAC version requirement detection.
      Let XFile::lock warn and fail with parallel non-GNU make, too.
      manual: add FAQ `Debugging Make Rules'.
      Detect make `include' style also with parallel non-GNU make.
      Avoid nonportable `./FILE' instead of `FILE' in test.
      testsuite: minor w32 fixes.
      Avoid racy depmodes with universal builds.
      parallel-tests: fix recheck* targets for non-GNU make.
      Indent rule commands consistently with a TAB.
      manual: fix trivial grammar errors.
      silent-rules: fix alignment of less verbose output.
      Disable test cleanup trap with OSF1/Tru64 sh.
      distdir: avoid duplicate `find' traversal with subpackages.
      Fix copyright years in *.am files.
      Document some formatting restrictions for files.
      Vala: for now, require GNU make.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Cope with parallel BSD make -jN semantics.
      Update release statistics, improve release-stats rule.
      Sync auxiliary files from upstream.
      Rewrite NEWS for 1.11.
      Revert Automake license to GPLv2+.
      Fix maintainer-check failures.
      Version 1.11.


GNU Automake

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