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[Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, user-dep-gen-branchp

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: [Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, user-dep-gen-branchpoint, created. user-dep-gen-branchpoint
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 15:16:37 +0000 (UTC)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Automake".;a=commitdiff;h=3203e7368f2a5709ad831adbd213cc50bbb87b34

The annotated tag, user-dep-gen-branchpoint has been created
        at  3203e7368f2a5709ad831adbd213cc50bbb87b34 (tag)
   tagging  e74a906d5e98625c4ea1cebef86ec0432ccf4f51 (commit)
  replaces  Release-1-4
 tagged by  Tom Tromey
        on  Sat Mar 27 12:23:48 1999 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Tom Tromey (59):
      * Updated version to 1.5a.
      * Version 1.4a (oops).
      * (handle_configure): Use `&' before sub calls (Perl 4
      * ppf77.test: New file.
      * (lang_ppf77_rewrite): New function.  From Jochen
      * m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require autoconf 2.13.
      * copy.test: New file.
      * (require_file_internal): Correctly examine return
      * ansi2knr.c: New version from L. Peter Deutsch.
      * (handle_configure): Removed unused variable.  From
      * cond5.test: Sleep 15 seconds, not 5.  Some people still run the
      * installsh.test (AUTOMAKE): Use $PERL.  From Pavel Roskin.
      * (finish_languages): Use "&", not "do".  From Pavel
      * (handle_dist_worker): Correctly find find in $$d,
      * Handle `ypp' as C++ yacc source and `lpp' as C++
      * (handle_merge_targets): Use INSTALL_STRIP_FLAG.
      1999-02-04  Akim Demaille  <address@hidden>
      * (handle_texinfo): Added `pgs' to list of
      1999-02-07  Paul Eggert  <address@hidden>
      * obsolete2.test: New file.
      * (obsolete_macros): Use empty string to indicate no
      * (obsolete_macros): Corrected typo in AM_EXEEXT
      * cygwin32.test: Use AC_EXEEXT, not AM_EXEEXT.
      * (obsolete_macros): Copied from
      * (finish_languages): Added AM_LDFLAGS.
      * ext.test (foo_SOURCES): New file.
      * (lang_extensions): New sub.
      Fixes from Pavel Roskin:
      * ansi3.test: Use no-dependencies option to avoid GNU make
      * lex3.test: New file.
      From Ralf Corsepius.  Fixes lex3.test.
      * insthook.test: Don't require GNU grep.  From John Pierce.
      * libobj9.test: New file.
      From Jim Meyering:
      * m4/error.m4, m4/mktime.m4, m4/obstack.m4, m4/regex.m4,
      1999-03-21  Jim Meyering  <address@hidden>
      * subdir3.test: New file.
      * (initialize_per_input): Initialize %object_map.
      * nodep.test: New file.
      * pluseq7.test: New file.
      Made `+=' more robust.  Fixes pluseq6.test and pluseq7.test.
      * ldadd.test: Use AC_PROG_LIBTOOL, not AM_PROG_LIBTOOL.
      1999-02-01  Thomas Tanner  <address@hidden>
      * (lang_lex_finish): Rewrite `l', not `y', to `c'.
      * (address@hidden@PROGRAMS): Use `-e' instead of multiple
      1999-03-25  Alexandre Oliva  <address@hidden>
      1999-03-25  Alexandre Oliva  <address@hidden>
      * (define_compiler_variable): Don't define variable
      Comment fix
      * (handle_merge_targets): `install-strip' is a phony
      * (am_install_var): Removed obsolete comment.
      * Rebuilt.
      * (lang_yacc_finish): Always use `.h' as suffix for
      Updated NEWS
      * m4/init.m4: Fixed typo when invoking SHELL.
      * (address@hidden@SCRIPTS): Use NDIR when appropriate.
      * extra4.test: Allow EXTRA_DATA to be specified.
      * (saw_sources_p): Correctly count header extensions


GNU Automake

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