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[Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, Release-1-6d, create

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: [Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, Release-1-6d, created. Release-1-6d
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 15:16:27 +0000 (UTC)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Automake".;a=commitdiff;h=7c1231a9fe096dc664972ad32070350cb3db16f5

The annotated tag, Release-1-6d has been created
        at  7c1231a9fe096dc664972ad32070350cb3db16f5 (tag)
   tagging  a0a144cd8b5da652ca9b663676475e4b8b5244d1 (commit)
  replaces  Release-1-6b
 tagged by  Alexandre Duret-Lutz
        on  Wed Sep 18 21:05:27 2002 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Akim Demaille (2):
      * lib/am/ (TEXI2PDF): Pass --batch to texi2dvi, since
      * Prototype all the functions.

Alexandre Duret-Lutz (52):
      * Bump version to 1.6c.
      * Require Autoconf 2.53b.
      * (write_aclocal): Don't write the filename ($output_file)
      Build info files in builddir instead of srcdir (for PR automake/168),
      2002-07-31  Charles Wilson  <address@hidden>
      * (parse_arguments): Add `dirlist' paths add the
      * tests/ext2.test: New file.  This bug is present in Automake 1.6.3
      * automake.texi (Python): Fix wording.
      * tests/vtexi.test: Fix spurious failure introduced on 2002-07-30.
      Fix for PR automake/345:
      Fix for PR automake/346:
      * lib/am/ (clean-%DIR%LTLIBRARIES): Fix cleanup of
      * (set_strictness): Never enable 'portability'
      * (read_am_file): File computation of path to
      * lib/Automake/ (buffering, backlog): New variables.
      For PR automake/347:
      * automake.texi (Top level): More words about conditional
      For Debian Bug#157778:
      * (CLEAN, MAINTAINER_CLEAN): New constants.
      For PR automake/343:
      regen with Autoconf 2.53c
      For automake/354:
      * lib/am/ (installcheck-%DIR%SCRIPTS): Account for
      * lib/am/ Add missing `;'.
      * lib/am/ (distcheck): Strip $(srcdir) prefix on
      * Check for EGREP and FGREP.  Create tests/defs.
      2002-09-08  Andreas Buening  <address@hidden>
      * automake.texi (Include): Fragments are always distributed.
      * (macro_define): Warn about `:=' assignments.
      * m4/init.m4: Execute cygpath in a sub-shell.
      * tests/ ($(TESTS)): New, depends on defs.
      * tests/ ($(TESTS)): Replace by ...
      * (process_option_list): Mention `Automake' in
      * lib/Automake/ (_default_options): Add `backtrace'.
      Diagnose target clashes, for PR automake/344:
      * automake.texi (Building ctags and etags): Rename and adjust as ...
      * tests/ (XFAIL_TESTS): Remove specflags7.test and
      *, Requote each "@var@" as '@var@'.
      * (variable_defined): Thinko in $cond handling.
      *, m4/init.m4, NEWS: Require Autoconf 2.54.
      * tests/suffix8.test: Add explicit dependencies.
      * Rename the 'unused' channel to 'syntax'.
      * lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub, lib/INSTALL,
      * tests/ ( Don't call AC_PROG_INSTALL and
      2002-09-17  Assar Westerlund  <address@hidden>
      * (handle_programs): Ooops.  Really add LDADD
      For PR automake/353:
      For PR automake/353: fill %var_location, %var_comment,
      * (check_ambiguous_conditional, rule_define): Issue
      *, NEWS: Bump version to 1.6d.

Paul Eggert (3):
      Don't use 'our', as it isn't portable to Perl 5.00503.
      (maintainer-check): Don't use egrep.
      * lib/Automake/ Don't use 'our', as it isn't portable

Pavel Roskin (2):
      * lib/am/ Exit in case of install failure, otherwise
      Add "defs".

Raja R Harinath (1):
      (%EXT%.lo): Fix typo.  Rename the file that

Tom Tromey (6):
      2002-08-14  Art Haas  <address@hidden>
      2002-08-15  Art Haas  <address@hidden>
      For PR automake/347:
      For PR automake/348:
      * (aclocal, automake): Don't create.
      * tests/subdircond3.test: Pass flags to make in environment.


GNU Automake

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