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[Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, Release-1-7-2b, crea

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: [Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, Release-1-7-2b, created. Release-1-7-2b
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 15:16:30 +0000 (UTC)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Automake".;a=commitdiff;h=11173b31340a6817993bd1a2d38e7242890224b9

The annotated tag, Release-1-7-2b has been created
        at  11173b31340a6817993bd1a2d38e7242890224b9 (tag)
   tagging  3354069d5cac826f0020075d4123f8c24cf91eb9 (commit)
  replaces  Release-1-7
 tagged by  Alexandre Duret-Lutz
        on  Wed Feb 12 16:26:41 2003 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Akim Demaille (6):
      * (&read_am_file): Use $last_where to register the
      * tests/location.test ( Strengthen.
      * (&conditional_ambiguous_p): Don't forget to ->string
      * automake.texi: Prefer $(FOO) to @FOO@ in the documentation.

Alexandre Duret-Lutz (138):
      * Bump version to 1.7a.
      fix computation of APIVERSION
      * (fetch, FETCHFILES): Don't fetch install-sh from
      * lib/mkinstalldirs: Reindent using `sh-indentation: 2'.
      For PR automake/360:
      * tests/exeext3.test: New file.
      For PR automake/360:  Propagate more locations.
      * (handle_ltlibraries): Record library locations in
      * lib/Automake/ (%_default_options): Add 'partial'.
      Fix for PR automake/366:
      * lib/am/ (distdir): Create $dc_destdir right before
      * (INTERNAL): Redefine as an empty location,
      * (require_variables): The fix introduced in 2002-09-19
      2002-09-30  Kevin Ryde  <address@hidden>
      * tests/ Run $MAKE --version -v.
      * (handle_source_transform): If foo_SOURCES is defined
      * lib/Automake/ New file.
      * lib/Automake/ (has): Simplify.
      For Debian Bug#162583:
      * (file_contents_internal): Fix the relationship
      * m4/ccstdc.m4 (AM_PROG_CC_STDC): Its definition is now empty:
      For PR automake/358:
      For PR automake/369:
      For Debian Bug#153697:
      * (ac_defun_rx, ac_require_rx): If the macro name is
      * (handle_single_transform_list) <full_ansi>: New variable.
      * lib/texinfo.tex: New version from Texinfo 4.2b.
      * tests/ansi6.test, tests/ansi7.test: Set ac_cv_prog_cc_stdc instead
      2002-10-25  Charles Wilson  <address@hidden>
      * automake.texi (Dist): Fix the distcleancheck_listfiles example.
      * automake.texi (Extending): Complete unterminated sentence.
      * (switch_warning): Subject Perl warnings to -Werror.
      * Don't declare TRUE and FALSE, import them from
      * automake.texi (Conditional Sources): Fix the `+=' example.
      * (variable_conditions): Split into ...
      * lib/Automake/ Add reference to
      * (handle_installdirs): Reindent to workaround a
      * (variable_defined): Thinko.
      * lib/Automake/ (_permutations_worker): Ignore TRUE
      * lib/Automake/tests/, lib/Automake/tests/,
      * lib/Automake/ (_simplify, simplify): New methods.
      * lib/Automake/ (conds): Use value() to simplify.
      * lib/Automake/ [SYNOPSIS]: Fix not's description.
      * (conditional_ambiguous_p, macro_define, rule_define,
      * lib/Automake/ (strip): New function.
      * (handle_single_transform_list): Don't strip the
      * (lang_c_finish): Use $@ in the .c -> _.c rule.
      * tests/texinfo13.test: Require texi2dvi-o.
      * (make_condition_string): New function.
      For PR automake/370:
      For PR automake/371 and PR automake/372:
      For PR automake/359:
      * tests/texinfo3.test: Make sure we don't output single suffix
      For PR automake/357:
      * (scan_texinfo_file): Honor only the first @setfilename.
      For PR automake/375 (Debian Bug #168671):
      * tests/gnits2.test, tests/gnits3.test: Move the greps inside the
      * Do not use missing while checking for Autoconf's
      * lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub, lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream
      * (do_check_merge_target): Add missing space.
      * (lang_c_finish): Do not fill de_ansi_files
      * automake.texi (Options): Programs listed in
      * automake.texi (Sources): Illustrate $(BUILT_SOURCES) with an
      * tests/gnits3.test (AM_INSTALLCHECK_STD_OPTIONS_EXEMPT):
      For PR automake/379:
      Revert previous patch (the one for PR automake/379), it conflicts with 
      * (macro_define): Do not strip escaped new lines
      * lib/am/ (uninstall-man%SECTION%): Change the extension of
      * tests/man2.test: Exercize `make uninstall', to test
      * tests/depcomp2.test: Pass CC='gcc' as an argument to ./configure
      * (variable_pretty_output): Strip trailing
      * automake.texi (Options): Some English nits from Eric Siegerman.
      * tests/ansi10.test (liblib_a_LIBADD): Set ac_cv_prog_cc_stdc
      * (handle_languages): Test $objdir, not $srcdir, to
      s/Kevin Ride/Kevin Ryde/
      * m4/ccstdc.m4: Define am_cv_prog_cc_stdc for backward
      * (handle_dist): Do not define %GETTEXT% if the user
      * lib/am/ (install-info-am, uninstall-info-am): Strip
      * automake.texi (ANSI): Since Autoconf 2.54, LIBOBJ and LTLIBOBJ
      * m4/init.m4 (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Properly quote AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME
      * tests/version7.test: Require GNU make.
      * (err): Rename as ...
      * lib/Automake/ New file.
      * tests/ Substitute aclocaldir instead of running
      * (macro_define): Add missing `{$cond}' (typo from
      * m4/lispdir.m4: Register EMACS and EMACSLOADPATH as precious
      Build elisp files all at once instead of one by one.
      * (maintainer-check): Do not require SHELL=/bin/sh
      revert previous spurious change
      * (maintainer-check): Suggest using $sleep instead of
      * tests/gnits2.test, tests/pr300-prog.test, tests/transform.test:
      Use `_dirstamp' when the file-system doesn't support `.dirstamp'.
      * lib/am/ (distcheck): '=' is not valid in DOS filenames.
      * lib/am/ (distcheck): '=' is not valid in DOS filenames.
      Rename some files for the sake of 8+3 file systems.
      For PR automake/382:
      * m4/python.m4 (AM_PATH_PYTHON): Query distutils for `pythondir'
      * m4/python.m4 (AM_PATH_PYTHON) <_AM_PYTHON_INTERPRETER_LIST>: Add
      * automake.texi (Conditional Programs): Show a sample
      * tests/README: New file.
      Rename more files to accomodate 8+3 file systems, and adjust the
      * lib/am/ (top_distdir, distdir): Define these
      * automake.texi (Python): Explain that directory variables start
      * (@substfroms, @substtos): Move near
      * (%subobjvar): Replace by ...
      Fix for PR automake/352:
      * (handle_source_transform): Correct typo from 2003-01-23.
      * automake.texi (Program and Library Variables): Clarify that
      * (handle_lib_objects_cond): Ignore -dlopen and
      * (handle_lib_objects): Compute _DEPENDENCIES variables
      * (traverse_variable_recursively,
      * (variable_conditions_recursive): Remove.
      * lib/Automake/ (_permutations_worker)
      For Debian Bug #39542:
      * (handle_programs): Strip $(EXEEXT) before
      * (vars_scanned): Move near traverse_variable_recursively.
      * m4/init.m4 (_AC_AM_CONFIG_HEADER_HOOK): Recompute
      * (am_install_var): Simplify filtering of
      * (scan_autoconf_files): Don't complain that
      * automake.texi (FAQ, CVS, maintainer-mode, wildcards)
      * (BEGIN): Override $ENV{'SHELL'} with ./configure's
      typo in last patch
      Related to PR automake/385:
      For PR automake/385:
      2003-02-10  Richard Dawe  <address@hidden>
      2003-02-10  Richard Dawe  <address@hidden>
      redirect ln errors to /dev/null
      always use cp -rf instead of ln -s, as suggested by Richard Dawe
      Temporary hack for PR automake/381:
      * m4/depend.m4: Grep depcomp's stderr for icc warnings about
      Fix for PR automake/381:
      * lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub, lib/texinfo.tex: New upstream
      * lib/depcomp: Do not put comments on the `icc)' line.
      * (maintainer-check): Update the diff check
      * tests/ Handle required=makedepend.

Jim Meyering (10):
      Fix some typos and a grammar nit.
      Make install-sh work even when names contain spaces or
      (TESTS): Add installsh2.test.
      Make install-sh work even when names contain spaces or
      Use `$0:' at the beginning of each diagnostic, not `install:'.
      *** empty log message ***
      Accept --help and --version, and lots of syntactic clean-up.

Paul Eggert (4):
      ( Don't put "-o foo" at the end of the dvips command line,
      (_AM_DEPENDENCIES): Don't put "-o foo" at the end of the $depcc
      * lib/am/ (%DEST_PREFIX%%DEST_SUFFIX%,

Pavel Roskin (3):
      Don't rely on which, use an Autoconf-like test instead.
      Lots of typo fixes in the comments.

Tom Tromey (1):
      2002-11-14  Eric Blake  <address@hidden>


GNU Automake

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