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[Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, Release-1-9-5, creat

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: [Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, Release-1-9-5, created. Release-1-9-5
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 15:16:35 +0000 (UTC)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Automake".;a=commitdiff;h=02d935daaa85dcc55d0ea3a3d7cbbad7c36751d9

The annotated tag, Release-1-9-5 has been created
        at  02d935daaa85dcc55d0ea3a3d7cbbad7c36751d9 (tag)
   tagging  33f4b48f842e985ebdb844611eb4d76b6a0d5217 (commit)
  replaces  Release-1-9-4
 tagged by  Alexandre Duret-Lutz
        on  Sat Feb 12 23:42:45 2005 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Akim Demaille (3):
      * lib/Automake/ Rename filename as file_name to be
      * lib/Automake/ s/filename/file_name/g.

Alexandre Duret-Lutz (27):
      *, NEWS: Bump version to 1.9.4a.
      * lib/am/ (uninstall-info-am): Show change of
      * lib/am/ (uninstall-info-am): Hide the invocation of
      * (Preprocessed Fortran): Fix the definition of FCLINK.
      * tests/man2.test, tests/transform.test: Specify --mandir, in order
      * (parse_arguments, write_aclocal): Bump copyright year.
      * tests/exdir2.test: Do not use `htmldir' as example of
      revert mistaken commit
      * ($ac_defun_rx): Match AU_ALIAS.
      * doc/automake.texi (A Library, LIBOBJS): Mention that empty
      * m4/, m4/as.m4, m4/auxdir.m4, m4/ccstdc.m4,
      * lib/am/ ($(RECURSIVE_TARGETS), mostlyclean-recursive,
      * doc/automake.texi (How the Linker is Chosen): Explain how the
      * doc/automake.texi (Macro search path): Using --acdir is not
      * lib/depcomp: Exit with nonzero status if a write failure occurs
      * lib/elisp-comp: Use `(exit N); exit N', not `(exit N); exit';
      * lib/compile: Likewise.
      * lib/mdate-sh: Cope with Darwin's Day/Month/Year output.
      * lib/missing (makeinfo): Compute the output file if neither -o
      * doc/automake.texi (Options): Typo.
      * lib/mdate-sh: Check the size of the word following the month to
      Fix for PR automake/447:
      reverse mistaken commit
      * (read_am_file): Define variable containing long
      * doc/automake.texi (Hard-Coded Install Paths): New node.
      * lib/INSTALL, lib/, lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub,
      *, NEWS: Bump version to 1.9.5.


GNU Automake

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