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Re: bug#7766: (lack of) config.h description in manual

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: bug#7766: (lack of) config.h description in manual
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 00:17:36 GMT

    Hmm, I see a natural split into two, not three nodes.  

Ok, fine.

    Below, I replaced the existing one rather than using another lower
    hierarchy level.  Does this seem acceptable to you?

Sure, but I suggest making the @node names closer to the @section names,
and not using that unusual-looking /.

@node amhello/
@node amhello's Setup Explained

@subsection Configure setup explained
@subsection @code{amhello}'s @file{} Setup Explained

Ditto for the other node.

And then I think the upper-level menu could just use the node names.

(In general, despite longstanding precedent in various GNU manuals, my
belief is that it is not helpful to readers to have @node names that
unnecessarily differ from their section names.  The result is confusion
when an xref is made.)

Re capitalization, I seem to recall that we tried to systematically
Capitalize Node/Section Names a while back.  I don't see other downcased
names in the top-level menu just now, anyway.

    address@hidden Explained}

Very good.  Extra credit for thinking to do that :).


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