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[PATCH] tests: prefer '' over ''

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: [PATCH] tests: prefer '' over ''
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 21:56:47 +0100

With this change, our testsuite now uses '' as the
name for the typical autoconf input, instead of the obsolescent
'' (which has been deprecated for several years, at
least since autoconf 2.50).

The test cases changed by this commit have been automatically
modified with this sed command (using GNU sed):

  sed -i 's/\<configure\(\\\?\)\.in\>/configure\'

The actual patch is attached (compressed).  Its statistics are:

  979 files changed, 1378 insertions(+), 1359 deletions(-)

The testsuite still passes with both autoconf 2.68 and autoconf 2.62.

Commit message follows ...


tests: prefer '' over ''

* (sc_tests_no_configure_in): New syntax check.
(syntax_check_rules): Add it.
* tests/defs: Create stub for autoconf input in '',
not in ''.  Adjust comments.
($AUTOCONF, $AUTOHEADER, $AUTORECONF): Remove workaround for the
infamous debian autoconf wrapper: we don't need such workaround
anymore now that we name our autoconf input as ''.
For more information, see commit v1.11-564-g63da492 "test defs:
hack to support autoconf-wrapper programs" of 16-12-2011.
* tests/README: Use '', not ''.
* Many many tests: Likewise.
* tests/backcompat3.test: Adjust to avoid spurious failures.
* tests/backcompat5.test: Likewise.
* tests/missing6.test: Likewise.
* tests/backcompat6.test: Likewise, and extend a bit since we
are at it.


I will push by tomorrow if there is no objection.


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