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[bug#60807] [PATCH 1/2] mtime: use Time::HiRes::stat when available for

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: [bug#60807] [PATCH 1/2] mtime: use Time::HiRes::stat when available for subsecond resolution
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 18:49:23 -0500

On 14 Jan 2023 14:52, Karl Berry wrote:
>     +my $have_time_hires = eval { require Time::HiRes; };
> I don't object. Although if there's no speed up in practice, I wonder if
> it's worth the extra code (simple-enough though it is). -k

there's no speed up in the execution of a single process, but there is a
speedup for users when using these tools back-to-back as they don't have
to regen as often.  this fix is necessary for the next patch to speed up
the testsuite by using a smaller delay.

although that makes me realize i need to make the next patch work when
the system doesn't have Time::HiRes so users don't hit test failures.
there was only one test that checks current behavior, so shouldn't be
too bad.

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