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Re: cleaning in conditional subdirs

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: cleaning in conditional subdirs
Date: 23 Dec 2000 13:35:58 -0700

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Robbins <address@hidden> writes:

Steve> [Apologies if this has been covered before -- I couldn't figure
Steve> out how to search the list archives at

I don't know that either.  However there is another archive which is
easily searchable:

Steve> Now, on the face of it, an obvious remedy seems to be that all
Steve> the "make clean" family (clean,distclean,maintainer-clean) of
Steve> rules should descend into all possible subdirs, as does the
Steve> "distdir" rule.

Steve> Would that be correct?  Are there drawbacks?

There might be drawbacks, but they are hard to predict.  I think using
DIST_SUBDIRS instead of SUBDIRS for `distclean' (and
`maintainer-clean') is the right thing to do.


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