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ansi2knr breaks dependency generation

From: Robert Boehne
Subject: ansi2knr breaks dependency generation
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 19:22:37 -0600

I'm using CVS automake, autoconf & MLB libtool, but I found that
using these with g++/gcc (under AIX at least) will not work
if AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS=ansi2knr is set in
The error is due to an underscore being appended to the libtool
object file name by automake,
source file:  FSD_Archive.cxx
Error: don't know how to make FSD_Archive_.lo

I'm not sure why, but adding ansi2knr causes the file to be
listed in the dependencies for the target as:
even though it is C++, and shouldn't be affected.
I'm no automake guru, so I'm hoping to get a little help with this,
has anyone committed a supect patch that might do this?


Robert Boehne             Software Engineer
Ricardo Software   Chicago Technical Center
TEL: (630)789-0003 x. 238
FAX: (630)789-0127
email:  address@hidden

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