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Re: Package support (RPM, deb, pkg, kits, etc.)

From: Michael Still
Subject: Re: Package support (RPM, deb, pkg, kits, etc.)
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 10:22:48 +1100 (EST)

On 13 Jan 2001, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Jan 12, 2001, Michael Still <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Why don;t you just have some different primaries?
> The issue is not about having different programs depending on the
> packaging tool.  It's about creating multiple binary packages, with
> the same packaging tool, out of a single source package.  Think of a
> client/server package for which you want to create separate binary
> packages with the client sub-package, the server sub-package and the
> common sub-package.

This is true. Perhaps something like:

rpm_TARGETS = fooserv fooclient
fooserv_PROGRAMS = fooservercodethingie
fooserv_CONFIG = ...
fooserv_MANS = ...

I guess what I am trying to say is that this way slots nicely into the
existing automake stuff. Automake already knows what mans are associated
with a given product, if only I could then say "and these bits of the
product go in this rpm / deb / whatever".

I would also think that there would need to be the distinction between
different package types in some cases. Perhaps INFO files are not
supported on 4.3 BSD and therefore you need to only install the MANS (bad
example, but you get the idea)...

I'm also will to be wrong. I'm not an automake expert, and I don't pretend
to be.


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