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Special Offer Free Echinacea" See Inside For Details

From: financialclass
Subject: Special Offer Free Echinacea" See Inside For Details
Date: 15 Jan 01 2:04:11 PM

New Vitality Newsletter

Green Tea Is It Nature's Answer?



You’ve probably read about it in the papers, heard about it on CNN and radio, 
and word of mouth can be pretty powerful as well, but do you really know what 
Green Tea is all about and what it can mean for your health? 

Can Green Tea Help People Live Longer?

Consider the fact that presently Asian countries are the largest consumers of 
Green Tea in the world and statistics show that Asians have greater life 
expectancies. According to the U.S. Census Bureau:

  a.. Chinese men have a life expectancy of 79.06 and Japanese men at 79.66 
compared to American men with an estimated expectancy of 73.1 
  b.. Chinese women rate at 85.84, Japanese women at 82.79 while American women 
are at a life expectancy of 79.1
Statistics also show that Asians have lower incidents of obesity, cancer and 
heart disease as compared to Americans. Could their secret be Green Tea?

Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Recently a study was conducted showing that Green Tea may be responsible for a 
"significant increase" in energy expenditure, one of the only two ways to treat 
obesity. This news comes as a welcome relief after the learning about the 
dangerous side effects of some well known diet pills and fads. Not only has 
Green Tea been shown to provide our bodies with the elements and nutrients 
needed to lose weight but it also carries a bevy of other health benefits.

Here are the hard facts:

  a.. According to the American Heart Association coronary heart disease is the 
single largest killer of American males and females, having claimed the lives 
of more Americans than all wars combined. 
  b.. About every 29 seconds an American will suffer a coronary event, and 
about every minute someone will die from one. 
  c.. The Japanese rank among the lowest for death rates due to cardiovascular 
diseases as well ranking among the biggest consumers of Green Tea. 
  d.. According to the American Heart Association, Japan claims an average of 
568 lives per 100,000 population as compared to the United States with a 
projected 865.5 per 100,000 lives lost to cardiovascular disease. 
  e.. Agents in green tea have been found to reduce triglycerides by 33.3%; 
high triglycerides are strongly associated with a high risk of cardiovascular 
  f.. Antioxidants, abundant in Green Tea, play a key role in the prevention 
and slower progression of heart disease yet most Americans continue to ignore 
their medicinal benefits. 
  g.. Researchers from the University of Kansas discovered that the antioxidant 
content found in Green Tea is 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 
times more successful at protecting cells from damage linked to cancer, heart 
disease and other illnesses. 
  h.. A recent study conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm claims 
that a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG, which is found in 
Green Tea, impedes an enzyme necessary for cancer cell growth. During the study 
it was discovered, through a series of tests conducted on mice, that EGCG is 
capable of suppressing a process known as angiogenesis, or the growth of new 
blood vessels upon which tumor growth is dependent on. 
  i.. Research has also shown that the antioxidants found in Green Tea have 
aided in the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disorder where 
joints are penetrated by inflammatory cells. 
  j.. Green tea possesses anti-diabetic activity that proves to be effective in 
both the prevention and treatment of diabetes. 
  k.. Green tea has also been linked to improving the body’s immune system and 
promoting anti-aging.

Award Winning!! 

Green Tea PlusTM

NAC Vitamin Company, in collaboration with herbalist and nutritionist, Steve 
Halpern, developed a unique Green Tea supplement, called Green Tea PlusTM . 
What makes it so distinct? Every dropper contains the highest levels of 
polyphenols found in Green Tea. This natural blend of antioxidants provides 
Green Tea with its health-enhancing ingredients. The herb, magic fruit gives 
Green Tea PlusTM its sweet, succulent taste. Magic fruit is 250 times sweeter 
than sugar, without the calories and it is safe for diabetics. You get all of 
the benefits of Green Tea, plus taste and convenience. The small two-ounce 
bottle allows you to carry it with you during the day. One bottle equals two 
hundred fifty cups of Green Tea-active ingredients. Its liquid form means 
maximum absorption, with no undigested or wasted pills. Green Tea Plus is fast 
becoming the number one Green Tea supplement in the country. People are often 
sensitive to caffeine. Green Tea PlusTM contains none, so enjoy it, withou!
t the jitters and problems associated with it.

So, if there is so much to benefit from drinking Green Tea, why isn’t everyone 
drinking it? Medical studies have shown that four to six cups of potent Green 
Tea daily is necessary for optimum results. Many Westerners dislike the taste 
of very strong tea, by adding one teaspoon of sugar to three cups of tea each 
day, which adds up to 73,000 calories per year!

Regular and flavored teas, popular as they may be, do not provide the many 
benefits that Green Tea can. Tea bags can not guarantee sufficient amounts of 
anti-oxidants and polyphenols and they are often bleached and treated with 
harmful chemicals.

You can order now by calling 1-800-908-8733. Tell them you heard about Green 
Tea PlusTM through this special internet offer to receive the 4th bottle free.

Green Tea Plus Special Offer!

Buy 3 Bottles and Get 1 FREE!

CALL 1-800-908-8733

Special Offer:

1 Free Bottle of Echinacea

with your purchase of Green Tea PLUS Special Offer

mention code 5968

CALL 1-800-908-8733


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