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Where to install a daemon

From: Bill Segall
Subject: Where to install a daemon
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 22:33:48 +1000

As part of my package I want to install a daemon and I have three
reasonable places to install int which are bin, sbin and libexec. On a
Linux system sbin seems like the natural place but on *BSD libexec is
natural. I was trying to find out how to make this choice based on
architecture but I'll confess to be begin stumped - any suggestions or is
this simply impossible? By default I'm installing it in bin but I'm not
really happy :-)

foo_PROGRAMS seems to differ in this respect to sysconf_DATA. foo is one of
a possible set so that we end up with $(foodir) where these are the name of
the directory but $(sysconfdir) is on at least these two hosts mapped to
etc and I guess it's this mapping step that I'm missing.

Does it make sense to have some extra name (sysbin?) that could
platform-specifically map to the appropriate directory. I'd be happy to
generate a patch if this was regarded as useful.

Apologies if this has been asked before. I've read some doc and scanned the
mailing lists to no avail.


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