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AC_CONFIG_FILES with ":" in a subdirectory [test]

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: AC_CONFIG_FILES with ":" in a subdirectory [test]
Date: 21 Jan 2001 06:20:02 +1000
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I wanted to use


but found automake generates rules based on, not

I think the following might be modifying @other_input_files, changing
"foo/bar.h:foo/" to just "foo/bar.h" by the time it gets to
process the foo subdirectory.

    foreach my $file (@other_input_files)
        if ($file =~ /^([^:]*):(.*)$/)
            # This is the ":" syntax of AC_OUTPUT.
            $file = $1;

But perl arrays and references are a mystery to me, so someone can
check that.

In any case with it fixed the right rules are generated for bar.h, but
DIST_COMMON seems to get foo/, whereas I think it should be just  Perhaps the following a few lines later needs some sort of

        &push_dist_common (@inputs);

colon7.test gets these problems, the couple of greps below will let it
detect them.

        * tests/colon7.test: Grep for a couple of AC_OUTPUT problems.

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