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Re: 17-proto-autoscan-check.patch

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: 17-proto-autoscan-check.patch
Date: 22 Jan 2001 09:54:16 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.0808 (Gnus v5.8.8) XEmacs/21.1 (Crater Lake)

Actually, I'd like to apply this patch anyway, since the following
patches are making it more useful.  Let me show you what it does when
all the patches are applied:

/tmp/fileutils-4.0.37 % ../ace/autoscan -A ../ace                 nostromo 9:47
Name "main::args" used only once: possible typo at ../ace/autoscan line 563.
Name "main::line" used only once: possible typo at ../ace/autoscan line 563.
Use of uninitialized value in string at ../ace/autoscan line 31.
[...] lots of stuff removed [...]
warning: missing AC_FUNC_MEMCMP wanted by: lib/regex.c:2694 lib/regex.c:4989 
lib/argmatch.c:118 lib/argmatch.c:181 lib/argmatch.c:231 lib/quotearg.c:290
warning: missing AC_FUNC_OBSTACK wanted by: src/ls.c:335 src/ls.c:814 
src/ls.c:821 src/ls.c:838 src/ls.c:2774 src/dircolors.c:61 src/remove.c:101 
src/remove.c:107 src/remove.c:450 [Here I removed 139 other occurrences --akim]
warning: missing AC_FUNC_STAT wanted by: src/copy.h:133 src/chgrp.c:214 
src/chown-core.c:247 src/chmod.c:112 src/chmod.c:180 src/chown.c:215 
src/cp.c:484 src/copy.c:522 src/copy.c:527 src/copy.c:947 src/copy.c:948 
src/cp-hash.c:65 src/df.c:470 src/df.c:480 src/df.c:564 src/df.c:565 
src/df.c:616 src/df.c:629 src/df.c:643 src/df.c:898 src/ls.c:1914 src/ls.c:1946 
src/du.c:110 src/du.c:495 src/install.c:84 src/install.c:496 src/ln.c:61 
src/ln.c:228 src/touch.c:151 src/touch.c:332 lib/chown.c:44 
lib/euidaccess.c:158 lib/fsusage.c:267 lib/rmdir.c:51 lib/isdir.c:41 
lib/makepath.c:175 lib/makepath.c:228 lib/modechange.c:376 lib/same.c:87 
warning: missing AC_FUNC_STRCOLL wanted by: src/ls.c:2178 src/ls.c:2187 
src/ls.c:2196 src/ls.c:2205 src/ls.c:2214 src/ls.c:2223 src/ls.c:2232 
src/ls.c:2241 src/ls.c:2260 src/ls.c:2266 src/ls.c:2281 src/ls.c:2286 
src/ls.c:2288 src/ls.c:2301 src/ls.c:2306 src/ls.c:2308 lib/memcoll.c:44
warning: missing AC_FUNC_STRERROR_R wanted by: lib/error.c:59
warning: missing AC_FUNC_STRFTIME wanted by: src/ls.c:2374 src/ls.c:2558 
lib/strftime.c:840 lib/strftime.c:848
warning: missing AC_HEADER_SYS_WAIT wanted by: src/install.c:49 
warning: missing AC_PROG_CXX wanted by: tests/ 
tests/touch/ tests/shred/ 
tests/rmdir/ tests/rm/ tests/mv/ 
tests/mkdir/ tests/ls-2/ tests/ls/ 
tests/ln/ tests/install/ 
tests/dircolors/ tests/du/ tests/dd/ 
tests/cp/ tests/chmod/ tests/chgrp/ 
m4/ man/ doc/ src/ 
warning: missing AC_PROG_LN_S wanted by: tests/ 
tests/ln/ tests/ln/ man/ 
src/ src/ src/ src/ 
src/ src/ src/ src/ 
src/ src/ src/ src/ 
src/ src/ intl/
warning: missing AC_PROG_YACC wanted by: m4/

So (i), sure, maybe keeping the first occurrence in each file would be
enough (in addition it must very expensive to keep track of all these
places), (ii), we will need to find a means to tell autoscan that Jim
uses macros which supersede those of Autoconf (for instance
AC_FUNC_STRFTIME), and (iii): why the heck does automake include CXX
related macros in the fileutils Makefile.ins???  This is very
confusing to autoscan, and frankly, I don't think this is good.

/tmp/fileutils-4.0.37 % sed -n '70p'                  nostromo 9:51

I know it means that for a slice of time some /home/akim will be hard
coded in autoscan, but who cares, we are allowed to have short periods
of prototyping.

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