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Re: More an autopackage

From: Michael Sweet
Subject: Re: More an autopackage
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 21:45:54 -0500

Tom Tromey wrote:
> ...
> Michael>        The downside is that you have to somehow clear the
> Michael>        existing list file before doing this, or only do it
> Michael>        once, so that you have the correct set of files...
> I don't understand this.

Basically, the install-sh hack would append to an existing list
file.  If you run through the virtual install that creates the list
file more than once, then you'll end up with multiple copies of
files (EPM does filter this out.)  Even worse, tho, is that you
might end up with a mix of new and old files in the list files,
which EPM won't catch...

> How does EPM handle the case where there are multiple binary packages
> in a single source package?

Right now you build a single package from a single list file.  There
is nothing preventing that package from containing multiple programs,
but you can't install them separately (i.e. no sub-package support,
at least not yet...)

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