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Re: Automake shooting in its foot

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Automake shooting in its foot
Date: 24 Jan 2001 20:21:17 -0700

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Van Holder <address@hidden> writes:

Tim> However, Emacs Lisp also has 'defadvice' which allows you to
Tim> attach arbitrary code to an existing function in different
Tim> ways. I must admit that whole advice thing strikes me as a little
Tim> insane; it's probably quite powerful though.

Advice is very, very useful in some situations.  I've used it with Tcl
programs I've written to good effect.

However, overuse of advice makes for unreadable and unmaintainable
code.  It should definitely only be used in a small number of

I'd guess it would make sense to have some advice-like capability in
autoconf.  I've certainly wanted it more than once.


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