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Re: 14-am-traces.patch

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: 14-am-traces.patch
Date: 29 Jan 2001 18:33:11 +0100
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| Akim> +    local ($traces) = "$ENV{amtraces} ";
| Do we really want to use an environment variable?  Eventually automake
| will default to using the autoconf trace facility.  At that time I
| suppose we'll generate a rule in that looks like:
|     $(AUTOMAKE) --autoconf=$(AUTOCONF) ...
| ... and the default will be to use `autoconf'.
| Why not just go ahead and implement that now, with the caveat that
| tracing is only enabled if --autoconf is given?

In fact I first implemented an option `trace' for AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS,
but it didn't work since is parsed beforehand.  Since
it's only a sketch, since yet it demonstrated some limits of the
current Autoconf (in particular, I'd like to be able to implement some
support for things like:

        elsif (/AM_WITH_REGEX/)
            $libsources{'rx.c'} = 1;
            $libsources{'rx.h'} = 1;
            $libsources{'regex.c'} = 1;
            $libsources{'regex.h'} = 1;
            $omit_dependencies{'rx.h'} = 1;
            $omit_dependencies{'regex.h'} = 1;

the libsources part is trivial, the omit_dependencies is not), I
didn't struggle to have a clean interface.

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