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RE: dependency-tracking with sinix compiler

From: Kremp, Johannes (Extern)
Subject: RE: dependency-tracking with sinix compiler
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 11:07:01 +0200

Johannes> is there a chance for automatic dependency tracking on sinix
Johannes> systems in the next release ?

Only if you tell me how to make it generate dependencies.


i looked at the man-page of the compiler

//rvssnx2/home/ekjo/hallo>man cc
cc(1)                                                                 cc(1

     cc/c89 - C-Compiler

on the system

//rvssnx2/home/ekjo/hallo>uname -a
ReliantUNIX-N rvssnx2 5.45 A2005 RM400 1/256 R10000

and found 


      The compiler run is terminated after  the  preprocessor
      phase; however, instead of the normal preprocessor out-
      put (cf. -E, -P), a list of dependency  lines  that  is
      suitable for further processing with the UNIX make pro-
      gram is generated and written to  the  standard  output
      stdout.  If the -o option is specified, the file depen-
      dency list is written to a file instead of the standard
      output stdout.

i tried it on the following example:

//rvssnx2/home/ekjo/hallo>cat hallo.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include "hallo.h"

int main()
        printf("hallo welt!\n");
        hey();  //in hallo.h
        return 0;
//rvssnx2/home/ekjo/hallo>cc -M -c hallo.c
hallo.o: hallo.c
hallo.o: /usr/include/stdio.h
hallo.o: /usr/include/stdvar_dcl.h
hallo.o: hallo.h


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