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Re: automake strips GNU make "else/endif" conditionals

From: Peter J. Farley III
Subject: Re: automake strips GNU make "else/endif" conditionals
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 20:45:52 -0400

At 08:55 PM 8/6/01 +0200, Lars J. Aas wrote:
>On Sun, Aug 05, 2001 at 05:34:15PM -0400, Peter J. Farley III wrote:
>: I'm learning automake (slowly).  Here's my problem:  I have a
>: where I want to use GNU make conditionals (to be executed
>: and resolved at make time, not at automake time), with syntax like
>: this:
>: thisrule::
>: ifdef THISVAR
>It's just "if", not ifdef.


Thanks for replying, I know it is just "if" for *automake*, but I want to use the *GNU make* conditional (ifdef in this case; other examples are ifeq, ifneq, ifndef) in rules that will wind up in the resulting Makefile, to be analyzed and executed by GNU make.

Does automake disallow using GNU make conditionals in rules?

Peter J. Farley III (address@hidden)

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