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Re: FYI: branch made

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: FYI: branch made
Date: 15 Aug 2001 12:31:57 +0200
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>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <address@hidden> writes:

Tom> * On the trunk we can immediately start work that is too
Tom> intrusive for inclusion in the 1.5 series.  I think it would make
Tom> sense to talk about how we will decide when it is time for 1.6.
Tom> For 1.5 we did this by choosing certain features we wanted.
Tom> However, I think we (meaning me, sigh) chose too many things.
Tom> Maybe it would be better to move to a regular release schedule.
Tom> For instance we could do a major release every 4 or 6 months.

I believe there is no doubts about --trace.  Since I fear that we
might be missing some tools in Autoconf for you, I would really
recommend starting the removal of dedicated parsing code,
and start depending on 2.52.  We will soon realize things are missing,
but I promise that then I will immediately complete Autoconf, and
release a snapshot so that the development can proceed with a
``released'' version of Autoconf.

Autoconf itself aims at another (or maybe two) release this year, so I
think it is safe for Automake to walk that track (although I know the
kind of problems it can cause).

I shall insist on the following fact: in the Autoconf world, the big
jump is 2.13 -> 2.50.  I.e., once we are ready to require that people
use 2.50, then, there is no reason not to ask for 2.52, or 2.53, as
the steps between 2.50 and successors are imperceptible (to the
knowledge of the authors ;).

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