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PATCH: avoid exponential memory usage

From: Erik Walthinsen
Subject: PATCH: avoid exponential memory usage
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 23:33:42 -0700 (PDT)

Attached is a patch that's been around for a long time, in the gstreamer
package.  It fixes a longstanding bug in automake that causes it to use
exponential amounts of memory, as a function of the number of subdirs
listed in a Makefile.  Currently automake uses either 4GB or 8GB of memory
to process our plugins/, unless it's patched.  We have had to
hack our in order to test for this patch and apply it if it's
not there, but this just broke with the release of 1.4-p5.

Please apply this patch, so we can stop having to keep up with the many
versions of automake.  The patch as attached will not apply to 1.4-p5.
The block of code in question starts at line 2438 in -p5.


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