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Re: automake+cygwin+VisualC++ compiler set

From: Robert Collins
Subject: Re: automake+cygwin+VisualC++ compiler set
Date: 23 Aug 2001 20:44:50 +1000

On 23 Aug 2001 11:43:07 +0200, Wolfgang Liebich wrote:
> Hi,
> Maybe I should have written "to dream the impossible dream" into the 
> subject", but hey...
> I and a colleague are  currently working on porting a UNIX daemon program to 
> WindowsNT. The daemon has been developed with an eye towards portability 
> (currently it runs under 3 flavours of UNIX), and automake/autoconf has been 
> extensively used for Makefile creation and portable header file developement. 
> The Program strives to only use the ANSI C++-Standard features (it makes 
> rather heavy use of STL - but at least with gcc/g++ and at worst STLPort this 
> should not be a problem).
> For the WindowsNT port I see four options:
> a) Cygwin+gcc: This should be the least problematic, as Cygwin strives to 
> emulate UNIX as much as possible. Oh, and it's not necessary for the program 
> to run as a service - at least not at first, a ordinary console app should be 
> sufficient.

cygrunsrv will turn a unix-daemon compiled with cygwin into a service.

> b) MinGW+CYGWIN: I didn't get this to work as I wanted to. Right now I didn't 
> have the time to research the reason of this problem.
> c) MinGW  cross compiler Linux->WinNT. The question for me is - how stable is 
> this cross compiler? Looks a little dangerous to me...

No less stable than a native build.

> d) Cygwin+automake/autoconf generate a Makefile fit for GNU make, but the 
> compiler/linker etc. used are the MS tools. This is IMHO the best solution, 
> b/c I've consistently heard that the VisualC++ compiler produced the smallest 
> and/or fastest executables of the three possibilities 
> Cygwin/MinGW/VisualStudio.

You might like to try gcc 3.01 with -finline=5000. You would have to
build it yourself for cygwin as it's not part of the net distribution
(yet). Given time it will be :].

> Sooo - has someone managed to do just that - use Automake/autoconf in 
> conjunction with the MS tools?

Someone has written a converter to the MS IDE project files - see this
lists archives.

> And yes, I do know that the IDE will not work with GNU makefiles. That's not 
> a problem...


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