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RE: automake+cygwin+VisualC++ compiler set

From: David Carter
Subject: RE: automake+cygwin+VisualC++ compiler set
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 08:21:41 -0400

On 23 Aug 2001 11:43:07 +0200, Wolfgang Liebich wrote:
> b) MinGW+CYGWIN: I didn't get this to work as I wanted to. Right now I
> have the time to research the reason of this problem.

I have been able to get this working fairly smoothly. Setup is a bit of
a pain. It seems that the cygwin support for the -mno-cygwin option is a
bit half-hearted, particularly when it comes to c++.

General outline of how to get this working:
(1) normal cygwin install (setup.exe)
(2) download & untar latest mingw package
(3) run a g++ compile with -mno-cgwin -v options & look at where the
compiler & linker are searching for headers & libraries (I suppose you
could go straight to the specs file for this information, as well.
(4) now comes the tricky part -- either copy, or (perhaps better) link
the include & lib directories from the mingw distribution into cygwin's
/usr/include/mingw & /usr/lib/mingw directories. Pay particular
attention to the subdirs for the g++ std library.

Now when you use -mno-cygwin you're essentially running a cross-compiler
hosted on cygwin, targeting mingw. I would think this would be a very,
very popular option under cygwin. You have benefit of the full gnu
toolset for development, and end up with windows-native executables, at
a significant discount to what VC++ would cost ;-)  My question is, why
doesn't cygwin setup do all of this for you? Maybe what is needed is a
cygwin "package" for the mingw-cross?

For some additional info, see:

David Carter

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