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Re: [Lame-dev] little makefile bug

From: Alexander Leidinger
Subject: Re: [Lame-dev] little makefile bug
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 22:32:34 +0200 (CEST)

On 25 Aug, Guillaume Lessard wrote:

Note for the address@hidden people:
We are talking about the following part in libmp3lame/

nasm_ldadd = $(top_builddir)/libmp3lame/@CPUTYPE@/
nasm_ldadd =

decoder_ldadd = $(top_builddir)/mpglib/
decoder_ldadd =

libmp3lame_la_LIBADD = $(nasm_ldadd) $(decoder_ldadd)
libmp3lame_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info @LIB_MAJOR_VERSION@:@LIB_MINOR_VERSION@

> Hello,
> I've just spent half an hour trying to track this down, and I can only 
> conclude that makefiles are too obfuscated for me =)
> In libmp3file/Makefile (and, of course, the relevant .in and .am 
> antecedents), there is a problem with the command that results in the 
> following:
> (cd .libs/libmp3lame.lax/libmpgdecoder.a && ar x /Volumes/White 
> Star/Users/glessard/Codage/lame-dev/libmp3lame/../mpglib/.libs/libmpgdecode
> r.a)
> i.e.
> (cd .libs/libmp3lame.lax/libmpgdecoder.a && ar x 
> $builddir/libmp3lame/../mpglib/.libs/libmpgdecoder.a)
> where $builddir is the critical part...
> The script doesn't escape embedded spaces or otherwise keep the path 
> between quotes, so it fails on my system, where there is a space in one of 
> the directory names.
> The obvious question is: why does it not quote paths?

To quote the autoconf 1.5 TODO file:
Stuff NOT to do, and why:
* quoting bugs
  - how to install file with a space in its name?
  [ don't bother with this -- make is just too losing ]

Guillaume also asked why absolute paths are used. Can anyone at
address@hidden please explain why absolute paths instead of relative
paths (this would solve this particular problem) are used (please keep
the CC, I didn't think anyone of us is subscribed to address@hidden)?

> If whoever has makefile/configure proficiency can fix this one, I'd be 
> grateful =)

I tried to quote it in libmp3lame/, but it fails (and then I
found the quoted part of TODO).

Guillaume, if you didn't care about the possibility to use mp3s as
input files just use --disable-decoder as an option to configure.
Perhaps it does work.

Note for lame-dev: we can "fix" it if we didn't care about the
possibility to build in another directory. I put the word fix in quotes
because it's only a workaround. And there are at least two people which
use a seperate build directory (myself and someone who posted a fix for
it some time ago).


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