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Re: Announce: Automake 1.5 release

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Announce: Automake 1.5 release
Date: 27 Aug 2001 23:10:55 -0600

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Boulton <address@hidden> writes:

Richard> I notice that the webpage, at
Richard> as mentioned in the
Richard> README, hasn't yet been updated with the news yet.

Thanks, I updated this.

Richard> If developer time is the issue, I'm happy to help with the
Richard> updating if I can in any way.

Feel free to update the web pages if you think of something
appropriate.  They are the `htdocs' module in cvs.

Richard> Also, an announcement could usefully be sent to freshmeat.
Richard> I'll do that shortly, unless anyone objects?

Please do!


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