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Re: ylwrap problem

From: Ralf Corsepius
Subject: Re: ylwrap problem
Date: 11 Sep 2001 05:40:54 +0200

On Mon, 2001-09-10 at 23:31, Alexander Mai wrote:
> Hello,
> I built a package using autoconf 2.13 and automake 1.5.
> are part of and we have .l and .y sources as well.
> Now a user from a HPUX 11.0 system ends up with this
> line being executed:
>         /bin/sh ../../../ylwrap mwmlex.l lex.yy.c mwmlex.c -- flex  
> This fails since that ylwrap is not included within the
> package. Can anyone tell me what's wrong?
> Did I miss to call a macro, add ylwrap explicitly to
> EXTRA_DIST in the, is it a bug?
Last time, I checked lesstif's sources (Presuming you are referring to
lesstif ;) ), you didn't let automake -a add ylwrap and therefore used
an older version for compilation of the sources.

I am not sure if this might be the cause of your problem or if this has
already been changed in lesstif.


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