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Bug in distdir (Automake 1.5)

From: dpovey
Subject: Bug in distdir (Automake 1.5)
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:07:05 +1000

Hi all,

Ran across the following in Automake 1.5 which I believe is a bug.

If you include a directory in EXTRA_DIST that is in the build dir, it does 
not get included in the distribution.

For example when using the following


        mkdir foo
        touch foo/bar

When using the above and configuring with a different source and build
directory make distdir will fail with a file not found error.

We need to do this in one of our projects to include documentation that is
automatically generated as part of the distribution.

The problem is trivially fixed.  I tracked it down to a test -f being done
on DISTFILES in the distdir rule rather than test -f || test -d.  The 
following patch seems to fix the problem.

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