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Re: Potential bash 2.05 issues with 'set'

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: Potential bash 2.05 issues with 'set'
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 01:56:48 +0200

> Why is this broken?

I was only relaying a problem someone else reported; it seemed odd
to me, but without 2.05 lying around, I couldn't test it.

> It's true that you can't parse the latter line with other shells.
> So perhaps what you're saying is that, if you use Bash 2.05 to
> run 'configure', you're stuck with using Bash 2.05 to do everything
> else, too?

Ah - rereading the original report, it was indeed the case that he
went back to 2.04 since 2.05 was a bit flaky (he was doing test work
to try and get DJGPP programs working properly on Win2K/WinXP).
Mystery solved.

> > it is probably still worth mentioning in the autoconf manual's
> > section on portable shell programming.
> Yes, that makes sense.

I'll whip up something tomorrow.

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