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CDPATH problems

From: Christoph Pfisterer
Subject: CDPATH problems
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 10:03:05 +0200


Is there any special reason that automake 1.5 sets CDPATH to ':' in some tests in auxdir.m4 and init.m4? This breaks automake (and configure scripts generated from it) on platforms like Darwin (a.k.a Mac OS X), where /bin/sh is zsh. What happens is that the 'cd' also prints the new directory, resulting in a newline in the variable and later messages like these from config.status:

creating Makefile
sed: 34: conftest.s1: unescaped newline inside substitute pattern

The only workaround I could find is to remove the "CDPATH=:; " from the named files. From the zsh man page:

       cd [ directory ]
              Switch to the specified directory (default $HOME).
              If the an entry for CDPATH appears in the environ-
              ment of the cd command or the shell variable CDPATH
              is set and the directory name does not begin with a
              slash, then the directories listed in CDPATH will
              be searched for the specified directory.  The for-
              mat of CDPATH is the same as that of PATH. In an
              interactive shell, the cd command will print out
              the name of the directory that it actually switched
              to if this is different from the name that the user
              gave.  These may be different either because the
              CDPATH mechanism was used or because a symbolic
              link was crossed.

So for some reason zsh thinks it's in an interactive shell...

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